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Jun 01, 2015

Hey, trucker: Do you suffer from ADS (Abused Driver Syndrome)?

The wide world of trucking is surprisingly small. If you get out at all in public, and if you own up to a connection to the trucking industry, you’re....More
May 20, 2015

David Letterman and trucks and me

Here’s the thing, amid all the David Letterman farewell news and notes: My brother’s mother-in-law once was flown to New York to show Dave how to....More
May 08, 2015

Voluntary safety programs: Enforcement weighs in

The roadside inspection piece of the truck safety puzzle is “tried and true,” so enforcement officials have been reluctant to change it even as the....More
Apr 20, 2015

Idea Log: IdleAir, the little engine (idle alternative company) that could

The theme of this series is that the best ideas are simple—but ideas are one thing and execution is another. And five years after taking over the....More
Apr 10, 2015

Sunglasses at night? Science says uncool shades are a sleep aid

If you like to watch tv in your bunk in the evening, or surf the Web on a laptop or tablet as you nod off, there’s a good chance you’re....More
Apr 07, 2015

Idea Log: Truck leases with executive experience included

One the of aspects of covering MATS I’ve come to appreciate over the years is just how many really clever, dedicated people there are in trucking....More
Apr 01, 2015

Darling stays on as FMCSA boss: What difference will it make? (Part 2)

Who would want to be the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator? Talk to trucking association reps, carrier execs, labor unions, safety advocates....More
Mar 31, 2015

Darling stays on as FMCSA boss: What difference will it make?

It’s officially unofficial. Through some bureaucratic sleight of hand, Scott Darling—named acting administrator last August—will stay on at the top....More
Mar 09, 2015

Trucking hopeful CDL committee will set standards, improve rulemaking process

As far as federal government acronyms go, ELDTAC is standard issue. Many in trucking, however, are hopeful that those six letters will help spell out....More
Mar 06, 2015

Accentuate the obvious: Crashes bad for truck drivers, seat belts good

The researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have gathered the data and done the math, so it’s official: Crashes are the....More
Feb 11, 2015

Transportation woes ‘almost criminal’; highway bill highlighted in House, Senate, twitterverse

No one can accuse the new Congress of not paying attention to the transportation system, as the importance of federal investment in the nation’....More
Feb 05, 2015

Fun with numbers: the FEATTTQ answer key

So, how do you the think you did on the First-Ever American Trucker Transportation Trivia Quiz (FEATTTQ)? Our little exercise in semi-professional....More
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