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Nov 25, 2015

Without highway bill, local projects get priority

Who doesn’t like to hear that an outdated, crowded stretch of critical freeway is getting a major overhaul and expansion? Well, plenty of folks in my....More
Nov 09, 2015

Our 2016 Truckers of the Year: skills, hard work, passion

In a previous blog, we wrote that reports of the demise of the owner-operator have been greatly exaggerated. In naming American Trucker magazine’s....More
Nov 02, 2015

Why a trucker’s campaign for governor is worth watching

While next year’s presidential election is already triggering fault codes on political dashboards, this Tuesday is a really big day at the polls for....More
Oct 27, 2015

New apps aim to replace brokers, 'reinvent' trucking

For some smart people with mad computer skills on the lookout looking for business processes fat with inefficiency, the supply chain is an area ripe....More
Oct 13, 2015

Election 2016, part 1: A truckers’ primary

If you want the real America you’ll find it in trucking. So rather than having candidates sit around milking cows in a couple of small states, let....More
Oct 08, 2015

How to succeed in business, the Tom McLeod way

Several times this week, I heard McLeod Software founder Tom McLeod lament that if he would’ve just been a little bit smarter, a little bit faster,....More
Oct 02, 2015

Dreaded double diverging diamonds are coming

What the freeway! Which way do you go? And what do you do when a traffic flow idea is so crazy it makes sense?....More
Sep 28, 2015

Guilty By Association: An essential American celebration

If there’s a list somewhere of essential and perfectly American events, the Guilty By Association Truck Show (GBATS) in Joplin, MO, needs to be on it....More
Sep 25, 2015

The latest demise of the owner-op, via the WSJ

To borrow from Mark Twain, the reports of the demise of the owner-operator have been greatly exaggerated. Well, somewhat, anyway. So it’s not likely....More
Sep 22, 2015

Would you cheat the EPA if you could, trucker?

With a second round of increasingly stringent truck fuel efficiency standards and greenhouse gas limits in the works, courtesy of the Obama....More
Sep 17, 2015

Funding delays hamper highways, regulatory reform

It’s a tough call: Usually, the nation is better off when Congress doesn’t get much done. In fact, government gridlock is basically built into the....More
Sep 08, 2015

Truckers livin' large in luxury rigs

This is the life! If only the NBC News feature on “Luxury Big Rigs” bore some resemblance to the every-day living conditions of a more typical....More
Sep 03, 2015

Smart people, smart money are betting on truck platooning

Platooning, or running trucks close together on the highway to take advantage of aerodynamics and improve fuel efficiency, is coming sooner than many....More
Aug 24, 2015

FMCSA can’t win on split-sleeper exceptions

Is the hours of service rule collapsing under its own weight, or are the growing number of waivers that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety....More
Aug 18, 2015

Future is now for predictive maintenance, telematics company says

Predictive maintenance—using telematics and big data to fix a truck before it’s broken—will be “a game changer” for the industry, or so I wrote a....More
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